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Official Forum Rules.
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Official Forum Rules

1. Flaming - this includes attacking, bullying, and excessively insulting - is highly forbidden. Put simply, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it.

2. Do not discuss or  distribute adult/explicit/racist (or otherwise illegal,  including torrents or cracked programs)  content/media through the forum - this includes avatars, usernames.

3. Don't cuss as there may be kids joining this forum. That's the last thing they will want to see.

4. Don't spam the forum as it looks bad and makes people lag. If you keep spamming you shall be banned.

5. Don't hack people as this will end up in a serious ban. We want to make the community free from hacking so we can have fun.

6. Don't keep annoying staff with ban requests, make sure to make one in the ban appeal category.

7. Don't make an application for staff if you don't want the job.

8. No bad content since kids shall be joining this, make sure no nudity!

9. Don't post bad video's as they shall be deleted and you might be banned.

10. Please do not post a duplicate topic; this is when someone else has already made a post regarding something you already have.

11. If someone is stuck please try help them as well as you can.

This is just a short list of rules. We know what is expected so please follow them.


Official Forum Rules.
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